If you are having trouble with one of our apps, please feel free to email us and we will look into the problem as soon asĀ possible! Before sending an email, please read over the following notes on our various games first. We will try and fix all major bugs as quickly as possible.

If you are able to tell us the various steps to recreate the bug, this will help us greatly in tracking down your issue. Our goal is to keep the users happy. We are a small indie development team and we try to work with our users the best way we can.


Blackjack Sg Notes:

Splitting on Aces: It is normal to only get one additional card when splitting on aces. It functions very much like a double at this point. This is a rule many casinos follow, as does our game.

Facebook bonus has been replaced with a bonus that does not require you to log into facebook

When reporting an error in game play, please try and tell us exactly what cards are showing on the screen. This includes all the cards/hands you are playing from left to right and the dealers hands. This way we can recreate the hand on our test version of the game and quickly find your error.

Major Rocks

No Notes….

Solitaire Sg

When reporting bugs for this game, try and let us know what cards are showing on the screen.