Major Rocks: Arcade Game For Mobile

Link To Major Rocks On Google Play

Card Games For Mobile


Frogger Returns: Wii


Silent Hill

BARBIE-Jet,Set,Style: Wii/ds


BARBIE-Groom & Glam: Wii/ds


Tetris Concepts: EA

Nba Jam:Mac

Konami Facebook Games(Various)

Spanish Bingo: Konami Mock up


Slots Rpg: ios

Boo Seeker: ios

What’s This?: ios

*Actual Vader Art is External used for Mock-up

Vandal Hearts: XBOX LIVE

Touch Master: Ds



Karaoke Revolution(s)- Misc

Little Blue/Defending Penguin (Wii/Ds)

Van Helsing: Ps2

TouchMaster Games (1-3) :Nintendo Ds

Car Samples(?)

Various Games and Concepts

 Misc (Super Good Pixel Stuff)

Battlestar Galactica:Second Coming Pitch Trailer


Battlestar Galactica:Tech Journal :Realm Press Comics(2003)

List of Various Games I’ve Worked On Here:(LINK)