Mike McAdams

Programs Used in my daily grind as an artist/programmer:

  • 3dx Max – (3d Modeling / Animation / Lite Rigging Set-ups / Effects)
  • ZBrush
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe AfterFx
  • Unity (Art and Programming)
  • Mono Development (Unity C# programming)
  • Propellerheads Reason (Sound/Music)
  • Sound Forge(Sound)

Employment Overview:

Super Good Pixel ( 7-12-13 thru current)
Super Good Pixel is the name of the company I use to release Android and ios games. In addition to making our own games, I also do freelance work as its available. I am able to make a game start to finish by myself (including all assets – audio and visuals)

Titles worked on include:

  • Major Rocks (Android) -SuperGoodPixel
  • Blackjack Sg (Android) – SuperGoodPixel
  • Solitaire Sg (Unreleased) – SuperGoodPixel

Konami Digital Entertainment (Orange County Development Studios)(7-2-12 thru 5-12-13)
This company was formed when Hijinxs Studios was taken over by Konami. This company was shut down by Konami in 2014. I remained the Art Director/Technical Director at this new company until I left. I had 6 artists working under me full time, and occasionally additional artists.

Titles worked on include:

  • Casino League – Android/ios
  • Ice Pick Panic(Facebook)
  • Keep On Poppin(Facebook)
  • Wild 21(Facebook)
  • Slots Rpg(Android/ios) – Not Released
  • Pose Me (Android/ios)- Not Released
  • Depiction(Android/ios)-Not Released
  • Boo Seeker(ios)
  • Story Time(Android/ios)

Hijinxs Studios/Game Machine(End of Phoenixsoft thru 7-2-12)
I served as the Art Director/Technical Director/Lead Artist for the entire run of Hijinxs Studios. Hijinxs/Game Machine was formed from Phoenixsoft Mobile to focus on console titles. Game Machine started as just another name for our same group, and later branched away from Hijinxs and became its own studio. For a time ,I was acting as the director to both Hijinxs and Game Machine at the same time. I had 9 artists working under me.

Titles worked on include:

  • Touchmaster 3:Wii/Ds – Midway
  • Smash Tv- (Prototype Xbox 360) – Midway
  • Young Justice: (Wii- Preproduction for Game Machine)
  • Monster High(Wii/ds- Preproduction for Game Machine)
  • Vandal Hearts (Xbox 360/ps3) – Konami
  • Barbie Groom and Glam Pups(Wii/DS ) – Mattel
  • Barbie Jet Set Style(Wii/Ds )-Mattel
  • Glee – Konami
  • Glee:Vol. 2- Konami
  • Glee:Vol. 3 – Konami
  • Frogger Returns (Wii/Ds/Ps3)-Konami
  • Castlevania Harmony od Despair: (P3 version) – Konami
  • Silent Hill Hd Collection(Xbox 360/ps3) – Konami
  • NBA JAM (Mac) – Game Machine

Phoenixsoft Mobile (2006 thru Start of Hijinxs Studios)
Lead Artist who quickly became the Art Director/Technical Director. I had 4 artists working under my direction.
Titles worked on include:


  • Touchmaster (Wii/Ds)-Midway
  • Touchmaster 2 (Ds)-Midway
  • Rbi Baseball(Xbox Live – Not Released on this platform)
  • Defend’n the Penguin (Wii/Ds)
  • Baseball (Mobile) -EA Mobile
  • Risk Mobile- (Mobile)-EA Mobile
  • Sims Dj –(Mobile) -EA Mobile
  • —————————————————————————————————————————————-

Freelance (Video Games)

Smackdown Vs Raw (2006/2007)
-Hyrogen Whiskey/THq
-3d clothes and props

Red Ninja(2004)
-Final Light/Vivendi Universal Games
-Vetex Painter/Level Painter
-Particle Effects Designer
-Special Texture Designer

Van Helsing (2003)
-Final Light/Vivendi Universal Games
-Opening Cinematic Animator/Models
-Particle Effects Designer
-Special Texture Designer


Freelance (Television / Movies)

Great War Of Magellan(2006)
-MerlinQuest Entertainment
-Effects Supervisor/Lead Animator/3d Modeler

Creepies 2 (2005)
-Sterling Entertainment
-3d Artist

Creepies (2003)
-Sterling Entertainment
-3d Artist

Battlestar Galactica (TV 2001)
-3d Models/Network Presentation design (Tom DeSanto )

Battlestar Galactica:The Second Coming (2000) – Trailer
-Su-Shann Productions
-Effects Supervisor

Unseen(Usa -1999)
-Telecom Entertainment
-3d Artist / Animator
Freelance (Print Work)
L&s Graphics (1996-2004)
-Graphic Artist (Layouts and comps)
-Customers included:Walt Disney,Alexander Designs,Jensen and Associates,etc)

Apple Graphics (1996-1998)
-Graphic Artists (Layouts and comps)

Realm Press(2000-2001)
-Graphics Artist
-Battlestar Galactica Tech Journal

Freelance(Web Work)

BattlestarGalactica.com (2003 – 2006?)
-Web Master
-Graphic Artist/Designer