Title:Major Rocks

Platform Targets: Android/ios/Pc/Mac/Vita/Ps4 * 

Release on other platforms besides Android is possible.

Current Status:Google Play Live (Android)


YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/tzuYMpDg2Tk

Daily Motion Link: http://dai.ly/x2f67z1


If you need custom sized art- ask us


Company Link: www.supergoodpixel.com

Email Us: supergoodpixel@gmail.com


Screen Shots:

Game Info:

Super Good Pixel releases the first of their “Retro” arcade games on Google Play for Android. Major Rocks is an arcade themed space shooter full of action and excitement. This is what we like to call a free-floating space shooter. You have controls to turn your ship left and right. You can thrust forward and fire your various weapons at enemies. You have shields that protect you from incoming blasts and fuel to keep topped off. Among the enemies you will find POWER-UPS and other goodies to keep the game fresh!Major Rocks is the best of the ARCADE action everyone fell in love with, but updated to look and feel fresh for today’s market.

Our main goal was to make an action game for the gamers of the world. This is not some casual game your grandparents will be playing. In fact, it is designed for them to hate it! This is for you guys, the action gamers! We wanted to recapture the excitement of the old arcade retro fun of the past. We believe we have done just that. To recapture some of that video game charm, we created voice over announcements that we then ran through a Texas Instruments TMS5220c speech chip to make them sound EXACTLY like the 80′s arcade games!  It was a tricky process , involving using a few computers to get right. However, we felt it was worth every second of development.

The levels will be you facing off against drones and mines in outer space. The level is marked with pre-spawn points to where new enemies will appear. As you destroy the larger threats, new ones will spawn in. You must make sure to avoid incoming spawners,while clearing the level.

As you progress there will be boss attacks, and maze levels to make the game even bigger in scope. We want you to feel like you really got your ARCADE money’s worth out of our project!

We have high hopes for the project and have 2 additional games in the series designed and planned out.


Company History: SuperGoodPixel

Supergoodpixel was started in 2013 by a former KONAMI Art Director who wanted to focus on more “FUN” games and felt the time was right to go out on his own.. This would be our second released game under this company. Our first game was “BLACKJACK SG” released to the android market via Googleplay. The president of the company is Mike McAdams, who has been in the video game industry for some time. He was the Art Director for Konami Orange County and Hijinx Games before that. Some titles worked on before starting his own company include: Vandal Hearts,Konami Casino League, Castlevania Harmony of Despair(ps4),Boo Seeker,Silent Hill Hd,Glee Karaoke Revolution,Frogger Returns,Young Justice,Touchmaster,Van Helsing.

Before working in the video game industry, Mike McAdams, worked on FX for various film projects. One highlight of that era was working with RICHARD HATCH on his Battlestar Galactica the Second Coming trailer. This lead to some meetings at universal, but unfortunately the project did not proceed under Mr. Hatch and instead went to the STAR TREK guys.