Major Rocks

January 20, 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized | By

Well we finally have a KICKSTARTER! It’s for our current project called MAJOR ROCKS.

Major Rocks is our love letter to 80′s arcade space shooters. We have taken elements from the classic arcade games of the past and have combined them into one new explosion of fun!

You are in control of the SGP-STARFIGHTER. Your mission is to make the galaxy safe for the rest of us. Unfortunately various sectors are under attack and it’s up to you to fight this attack off.

Our front lines have been flooded with Mines and Drones. You have to clear these threats out so our forces may advance. Once you have cleared the way, it’s up to you to lead the attack on the enemy strongholds!

Our goal here is to make an “ARCADE GAME” , not some casual time waster that grandma would enjoy. This game is FOR YOU! The GAMERS

KickStarter Link

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